What Is the House Edge, the Most Popular Types of Bets


    House odds These are the figures you must research before select on football. With solid knowledge, you will know what types of bets are at the house Neu88 appropriate to your strengths.

    Find out quickly what the house odds are

    Odds are the numbers that the house has set for players to refer to and place bets on accordingly. Different football matches will have different odds, so you must monitor them closely. To come up with these odds, soccer experts have spent time carefully researching soccer matches.

    Some of the most popular house odds

    Currently, you can bet on many types of bets at the game portal, specifically:

    Asian Handicap is favored by players

    Asian Handicap is also known by names such as handicap, over-under, Handicap, and is used when two teams have a certain difference. At this point, the team ranked higher will have to accept the lower team X left. Thanks to this handicap, the match becomes more interesting and unpredictable.

    European Handicap has a large number of participants

    European Handicap is also known as 1×2 odds, for this bet you can bet on one of 3 options: Win, Lose, Draw. To bet correctly, you must clearly understand the capabilities of each team to know which team will win at the end of the match.

    Over/Under bets are easy to play and easy to win

    This type of bet is also known as Over/Under (O/U) bet, the house will give the predicted number of goals. The player’s task is to bet on whether the actual number of goals will be greater or less than the number of goals predicted by the house. There are many over/under bets set up, respectively over/under left, 1 left, 1.25 left, 1.5 left,…

    The house bet on corner kicks is new

    In addition to the number of goals scored in the match, many game portal also organize corner kicks for players to bet on. If the corner bet is set as over/under, you must guess whether the actual number of corners is greater or less than the number given by the game portal. You can absolutely play corner kicks in parallel with goal bets to increase your chances of winning.

    select on penalty cards you can consider

    In addition to corner kicks, penalty card select in the form of over-under is also of interest to many people. To accurately predict the number of penalty cards drawn, you need to pay attention to the playing style of the two teams, whether it is peaceful or aggressive. Usually, if two teams are highly aggressive, the number of penalty cards drawn will be high.

    Vibrating bets are an effective chance to win money

    Currently, you can participate in shaking bets during the match. Of course, to play this house odds you must have the opportunity to watch the match live. Usually, shaking bets only last for a short period of time, so you have to be quick and really decisive.

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    Even and odd bets are easy to play and have a high chance of winning

    With this bet, you only need to predict whether the number of goals scored in the match will be even or odd, the correct guess rate is 50%. Of course, along with that, the bonus you receive will not be too high.

    The final goal bet is easy to predict

    In this bet, you will bet on which team will score the first goal and which team will score the last goal. The correct guess rate of this bet is 50% so you can participate with peace of mind. Of course, if you are knowledgeable about the two teams, the chance of guessing correctly is higher.

    Bet on the total number of goals is popular at the game portal

    With this bet you need to accurately predict the total number of goals scored in the match. At the house, each number will correspond to different payout rates. You should take the time to research carefully so you don’t miss this opportunity to make money.

    Malaysia bets can be considered

    In fact, this is a type of bet set up by Malaysian game portal. It is now gradually becoming popular at major game portal. If you want to play this type of bet, you need to spend time researching carefully to avoid placing the wrong bet.


    You need to choose a reputable house and spend time carefully studying the house odds table. These are important parameters to help you make the most accurate and smart decisions when participating in select.