Lyrics the Kind of Love We Make Luke Combs



    Country music has an undeniable ability to capture the essence of human emotions, and Luke Combs, a rising star in the genre, is no exception. One of his notable songs, “The Kind of Love We Make,” weaves a tale of love, passion, and connection. In this article, we’ll dissect the lyrics of this poignant song, exploring the themes, emotions, and storytelling prowess that make it resonate with listeners.

    Verse 1:

    The lyrics kick off with a vivid scene-setting that immediately draws the audience into the narrative. Combs paints a picture of a couple in a familiar setting, perhaps a quiet evening at home or a scenic spot. The opening lines create a sense of intimacy, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of the emotions that bind the two characters.

    “Underneath this pale moon sky Your love’s takin’ me to paradise”

    Here, Combs employs the classic imagery of a moonlit night, a backdrop that has been a timeless symbol of romance. The mention of paradise hints at the euphoric nature of the love being celebrated, suggesting that this is no ordinary connection.


    The chorus serves as the emotional core of the song, encapsulating the essence of the kind of love being sung about. It’s a celebration of the depth and intensity of the romantic bond shared between the two individuals.

    “It’s the kinda love we make It’s the kinda heartache That keeps me going on The kinda buzz that lasts all night And has me buzzin’ all day long”

    The use of “kinda” here adds a touch of authenticity, as if the singer is grappling with the enormity of the emotions he’s trying to convey. The juxtaposition of “love” and “heartache” suggests a complex relationship, one that involves both joy and pain. The reference to a lasting buzz evokes a sense of intoxication, portraying love as a powerful and enduring force.

    Verse 2:

    The second verse delves deeper into the narrative, offering more details about the relationship and the emotions it encompasses.

    “It’s the kinda way your lips Leave me without a trace The kinda fix that I always crave It’s the kinda high that I wanna be on”

    Combs masterfully uses sensory imagery, invoking the sensation of a lingering kiss and the addictive nature of the connection. The phrase “fix that I always crave” hints at an insatiable desire, emphasizing the all-encompassing nature of the love being described. The mention of a “high” introduces an element of euphoria, suggesting that this love elevates the individuals involved.


    The bridge serves as a reflective moment, adding a layer of introspection to the song. It’s a pause in the narrative, allowing the listener to absorb the emotions conveyed so far.

    “It’s the kinda love that keeps you young When your hair’s fallin’ out and your teeth’re all gone It’s the kinda love that keeps you still When you’re spinnin’ like a tire goin’ ’round”

    This section introduces a different dimension to the love being celebrated – its ability to defy the passage of time. The imagery of aging, losing hair, and teeth serves as a metaphor for life’s inevitable changes. Yet, the love being sung about is portrayed as a timeless force that anchors individuals amid life’s whirlwind.


    Luke Combs, through “The Kind of Love We Make,” delivers a poignant exploration of love’s complexities and enduring nature. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a relationship that is passionate, intoxicating, and resilient. Combs’ ability to capture the intricacies of human emotion, coupled with the melodic charm of his music, makes this song a standout in the country music landscape. As listeners immerse themselves in the narrative, they are invited to reflect on their own experiences of love, heartache, and the timeless connections that define the human experience.