Infection Control Nursing Essays – Art of Writing Compelling Arguments


    Stuck while writing an infection control nursing essay? You are not alone. For struggling students like you, we have crafted this article to assist you in crafting compelling arguments for your work. 

    Per the report of Markets and Markets, the infection control industry market size was valued at around 50 billion dollars in 2022 and it shall show a CAGR of 3.1% till 2027. The increasing services offered by pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and hospitals have led to the growth of this market. 

    Research work in the domain of infection control has also increased a lot, and so has the toughness of the academic curriculum of this field. Nursing students have to practise excessive care when it comes to writing essays for infection control. 

    Before considering the key ways to write your infection control nursing essays, let’s first briefly overview the field. 

    What Is Infection Control Nursing?

    As Johnson & Johnson defines, the infection control nursing field is focused on the identification and prevention of the spread of infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria in a healthcare environment. During the infection control nursing essay writing process, the nurses have to show their dedication and meticulous attention to detail when it is related to patient care. 

    How to Write Infection Control Nursing Essays?

    When writing essays on infection control nursing, you have to display your expertise in handling matters related to infection control in patients. Usually, students prefer to rely on the guidance provided by professional essay writers as they have a knack for brilliant writing. Also, it is way better than risking grades by trying to craft important academic papers on your own. 

    But if you want to write your papers on your own, you can follow these steps to craft an excellent paper:

    1. Analyse the Main Problem

    An infection control nursing essay is mainly written to address some major research issues. You shall be required to analyse the main research problem and understand the requirements of your essay title. Study the title deeply and carefully. 

    2. Define Your Arguments

    When you have understood your essay title, it shall be time to define your arguments. Specify your key arguments and arrange them in the main body of your essay. You must consider beforehand what your key points are going to be. 

    3. Use Evidence

    Nothing can beat the authenticity of your essay when you use enough relevant evidence in your work to prove your key arguments. Gather the relevant data and add credible data wherever you can to support your claims. 

    4. Organise Your Essay

    Your infection control nursing essay must be organised logically if you want to convey your points effectively to your audience. Your essay must have three distinct sections those are introduction, body and conclusion. 

    5. Write Logically

    Each paragraph of your essay should introduce your main ideas and should be linked to the main theme of your work. Avoid repetition and redundancy and ensure that your spellings are correct. Your essay should also be grammatically correct. 

    6. Cite Your Sources 

    You must not make the mistake of not referencing your sources in the reference list of your infection control nursing essay. Keep track of all the sources you use and make sure to list them down in the bibliography you craft. 

    What Are the 5 Basic Principles of Infection Control?

    The 5 basic principles of infection control are the following: 

    1. Respiratory Hygiene

    Respiratory hygiene measures are designated to reduce the transmission of pathogens that are responsible for the spread of diseases through airborne routes. It is mandatory to maintain it for people who have respiratory and dental issues. 

    2. Hand Hygiene

    It is one of the most important measures to prevent the spread of infections among people. Use plain soap and water to wash your hands and perform a surgical hand scrub before putting on the sterile surgeon’s gloves. 

    3. Environmental Infection and Control

    You should establish the procedures and policies that are necessary for the routine disinfection and cleaning of environmental surfaces. Clean and disinfect the contact surfaces where patients can catch new infections. 

    4. Safe Injection Practises 

    Safe injection practices are necessary to prevent the transmission of diseases that can be transmitted from one person to another. The injections should be applied in the safest possible manner to make sure that patients are safe from diseases. 

    5. Disinfection of Patient-Care Items

    To avoid the transmission of infection, you should clean and sterilise the reusable medical equipment and disinfect other tools. Follow the instructions to use the instruments in an ideal manner. Highlight these measures while writing the main body of your infection control nursing essay.

    What Is Infection Control Method?

    As the National Institutes of Health defines it, the infection control method refers to the procedures and policies that are implemented to minimise and control the dissemination of infections in healthcare settings and hospitals. The main purpose of such methods is the reduction in infection rates. 

    What Are the 6 Steps of Infection Control?

    For breaking the chain of infection, standard precautions are to be followed. The six links that need to be followed and fixed for infection prevention and control are listed here. You should mention these when writing an infection control nursing essay. 

    • Infectious Agent

    This term refers to the agents and germs that can cause diseases. These are to be identified for infection control. 

    • Reservoir

    The reservoir refers to the environment where the germ-causing agents live and they include animals, insects, medical equipment and more. 

    • Exit Portal

    The portal of exit is the way taken by the infectious agents to leave the reservoir and their primary hosts. 

    • Transmission Mode

    The mode of transmission refers to the way the infectious agents pass from one source of infection to another and it can be through indirect contact, inhalation and ingestion. 

    • Entry Portal

    The portal of entry refers to the way the germs enter a new host and it can be due to the broken skin, mucous membranes and the respiratory tract. 

    • Susceptible Host

    It refers to any person who is vulnerable to getting the infection and these people most generally include the ones who are involved in the healthcare processes. 

    Infection Control Nursing Essay Topics for 2024

    Infection control is related to the procedures that are implemented for the control of infections in hospitals and other healthcare places. You need to pick infection control nursing essay ideas that are most related to the research work in 2024. Some of such topics are listed here:

    • Write a detailed essay on the social science research that was conducted during the pandemic of COVID-19. 
    • Highlight in detail the interaction between the gut microbiota and traditional Chinese medicine. 
    • Discuss in detail the research trends that are being followed on the molecular and cellular basis when it comes to parasitic disease control.

    Infection Control Nursing Essay Examples

    The examples of some essays for infection control nursing students are mentioned here so you can review their content and know the ideal way to craft your work:

    • An essay that offers comprehensive insights on the working of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and how it can prevent the spread of infections.
    • How can fluorescence imaging tools be used to study virus-host interactions? Explain in detail. 
    • Discuss in detail the concepts of virus-induced autophagy that can be seen in host cells during viral infections. 
    • What are the measures that can be taken by the general public to reduce the risks of infection and infectious diseases?


    The bottom line is that you should follow the writing guidelines we have mentioned in this article when writing your infection control nursing essay. Ensure that your essay is flawless and the contents are related to the theme of your work. 

    Nursing students are known worldwide for their tough schedules due to the nature of their jobs. They also compromise their academic progress due to the burden of maintaining professional performance. Out of this situation, they prefer to obtain help with infection control nursing essays from professionals to balance academic and routine life. You can also avail of these services because it’s better than losing track of your academic success journey.