Career Opportunities With an Online Master’s in Sports Administration


    Achieving a graduate degree often requires juggling family obligations, professional commitments, and paying for tuition. However, online programs can help students stay in their communities while studying for a master’s degree, and on average, they are significantly less expensive than in-person degrees.

    Learn how to create impactful advertising and public relations campaigns that get fans pumped about sports organizations and teams with a focus on sports marketing, or hone your skills in intercollegiate athletic administration.

    Sports Management

    Obtaining a degree in sports management can equip you with the commercial acumen to succeed as a professional athlete. The degree can help you build collaboration, communication, creativity, time management, and problem-solving skills.

    The program’s curriculum can include business, sociology, psychology, and law coursework explicitly focusing on sports. The curriculum may also have classes such as Managerial Strategies, Sports Marketing and Management, Leadership in Sport, and electives such as Athlete Development and High-Performance Coaching.

    A reputable school will have strong connections to local, regional, and national sports organizations, which can provide you with valuable internship and job opportunities. In addition, many programs have memberships in professional associations that can provide networking connections and stay current on industry trends. It would help if you also looked for scholarships and financial aid.

    Sports Marketing

    Many schools offer online masters in sports administration that emphasize different areas of the industry. These programs may cover business management, human resource management, and marketing strategy. Some may also focus on international business and current issues in sports.

    Before applying to a sports administration program, please learn about its admissions requirements and curriculum. These can include a minimum undergraduate GPA, work experience, and test score requirements. You may also need to submit a professional video or a resume. This will help the school evaluate your suitability for the program.

    Sports Law

    A master’s in sports administration can prepare you for a career in interscholastic, and recreational athletics industry. You will learn business, economics, marketing, and law disciplines and see how they apply to the world of sports.

    You will learn skills in leadership, high-performance coaching, sports business, marketing strategy, and sports law and ethics. The program also includes coursework on human resources management. It is an excellent option for working professionals.

    Sports Journalism

    With sports stars often afforded celebrity status and teams raking in huge profits, professional and collegiate athletics offers plenty of material for journalists. This online program offers students front-row access to media professionals and sports figures while fostering their journalism skills in a peer workshop format.

    The program also covers leadership in nonprofit sports agencies, preparing graduates to run community leagues or school athletic departments.

    In addition to coursework, the program requires students to complete a portfolio. This can include several assignments, such as season previews, wrap-up stories, or authoritative opinion pieces. Students may also interview coaches and players for their articles.

    Sports Finance

    Professional sports franchises, from significant leagues to local, small-town teams, rely on their financial statements to determine whether they’re profiting. As a result, there are numerous career opportunities for finance professionals who specialize in the sports industry.

    These positions require a strong attention to detail to ensure calculations are made correctly, and numbers are not transposed. Additionally, a critical skill is a good understanding of how to relay complicated financial information to stakeholders clearly and straightforwardly.

    In addition to classes, an online master’s in sports administration program typically allows students to gain hands-on work experience through internships and other training programs. These opportunities can provide valuable networking connections for aspiring professionals looking to transition into a full-time position at a sports franchise or collegiate athletic department.