Minami Hamabe Bio, Height, Net Worth, Age, Wiki Birthdays


    As of my last update in September 2021, Minami Hamabe is a talented and popular Japanese actress and model. She was born on August 29, 2000, in Tokyo, Japan.

    Minami’s career in the entertainment industry began when she was scouted by a talent agency at a young age. She made her acting debut in 2013 and quickly gained attention for her exceptional acting skills and charming on-screen presence.

    In 2017, Minami’s breakthrough role came when she portrayed the lead character, Sawa Okita, in the live-action film adaptation of the popular manga and anime series, “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas.” Her performance received widespread acclaim, catapulting her to stardom and establishing her as one of Japan’s most promising young actresses.

    Following the success of “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas,” Minami continued to impress audiences with her versatile performances in various films and television dramas. She effortlessly portrayed a range of characters, from heartwarming and relatable to complex and challenging roles.

    Besides her acting endeavors, Minami has also been a sought-after model for numerous magazines and fashion brands. Her elegant and fresh appearance, coupled with her acting talent, has made her a favorite among fans and industry professionals alike.

    With her talent, beauty, and down-to-earth personality, Minami Hamabe has captured the hearts of audiences both in Japan and internationally. Her future in the entertainment industry looks promising, and fans eagerly anticipate her upcoming projects.

    Please note that my knowledge is up to September 2021, and there may have been new developments in Minami Hamabe’s career or personal life beyond that date. For the latest information, it’s always best to refer to up-to-date sources.


    • Real Name: Minami Hamabe
    • Profession: Actress
    • Date of Birth: 29 August 2000
    • Birthplace: Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
    • Nationality: Japanese
    • Zodiac Sign: Virgo

    Body Stats:

    • Height: 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm)
    • Weight: 52 kg (114.6 lbs)
    • Eye Color: Black
    • Hair Color: Black


    • Father: Not Known
    • Mother: Not Known
    • Brother: Not Known
    • Sister: Not Known
    • Spouse: Not Known
    • Son: Not Known
    • Daughter: Not Known