Keeping Babies Protected & The Facts About Newborn Sunscreen


    As you may know, sunlight is a vital source of Vitamin D, essential for healthy bone development and a happy mood. However, for newborns, direct exposure to the sun during their first six months of life can be quite dangerous. As such, newborn sunscreen isn’t really a thing, as they should be kept out of the sun altogether during this time. 

    Keeping very young babies out of the sun is something every parent should be aware of, as it has a direct bearing on their health. A harmless trip to the beach could turn out to be quite bad for them.

    Newborn Sunscreen Isn’t Actually a Product 

    During those first 20 weeks of life, newborn sunscreen isn’t really marketed for the reasons shown above Babies have extremely delicate skin, and unlike adults, their skin lacks melanin – a pigment that provides some protection against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. 

    This lack of natural protection means that infants are more at risk from UV radiation. The net result of this is that sunburn is much more likely, and the last thing you want your tot to go through is the absolute misery that comes with it. 

    Why The Sun Can Be So Dangerous

    The way that babies regulate their body temperature is less efficient than older kids and adults, and exposure to sunlight can make their temperature rise too fast – leading to overheating. This sounds uncomfortable, but in actuality, it can be very dangerous as it opens up the possibility of serious problems like heatstroke and exhaustion. 

    This can also lead to dehydration, and due to the fact babies are more vulnerable to dehydration, the sun can cause them to lose fluids more quickly – again, with potentially dangerous results. 

    The Sun Can Hurt the Eyes of Newborns 

    Another big reason to keep very young tots out of the sun is the effect that UV rays have on their delicate eyes. You see, if their retinas are exposed to the sun, it can damage them, possibly leading to vision problems as they get older. As such, if they go out at all, babies need to wear sunglasses, ideally backed up with a wide-brimmed sunhat.

    Forget The Idea of Newborn Sunscreen For 6 Months

    Your takeaway from reading this blog is that you should NEVER take your baby outside and put them in direct sunlight for an extended period. A few seconds here and there isn’t a big problem, but if you do so for much longer, it could lead to problems. 

    However, if you’re worried about how your little one is going to get vitamin D without sunlight, don’t fret, as they don’t need as much as us. In fact, they usually get all they need from their milk, so it’s not something they really need to get from the sun. 

    That said, we’re not saying that you can’t go out with them and enjoy a sunny day. We just mean that if you do go out, make sure they’re in the shade of a tree or a parasol with their sunglasses on. Then you can be happy they’re safe.