Sheena Shaw Bio, Height, Net Worth, Age, Wiki Birthdays


    Sheena Shaw has been praised for her versatility and willingness to explore various genres within the adult film world. Her captivating performances and dedication to her craft have earned her a loyal fan following.

    Despite the nature of her profession, Sheena Shaw has always been open about her career choice and has spoken about her experiences in interviews and on social media platforms. She has also been an advocate for performers’ rights and safety within the industry.

    Outside of her work in adult films, Sheena has managed to maintain a certain level of privacy about her personal life. While there is limited information available about her early years and background, she continues to be an active presence within the adult film community.

    As with any adult film performer, it’s essential to approach discussions about their career with sensitivity and respect for their privacy. While Sheena Shaw has achieved recognition for her work, it’s essential to remember that her personal life should be treated with the same respect as any other individual.


    • Real Name: Sheena Shaw
    • Profession: actress
    • Date of Birth: 30 September 1985
    • Birthplace: Naples, Florida, United States
    • Nationality: American
    • Zodiac Sign: Libra

    Body Stats:

    • Height: 5 feet 1.8 inch (157 cm)
    • Weight: 52 kg (114.6 lbs)
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Brown


    • Father: Not Known
    • Mother: Not Known
    • Brother: Not Known
    • Sister: Not Known
    • Spouse: Not Known
    • Son: Not Known
    • Daughter: Not Known