Sara Stone Bio, Height, Net Worth, Age, Wiki Birthdays


    Sara Stone, a name that resonates with talent, grace, and charisma, is a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry. Born on February 17, 1981, in Los Angeles, California, Sara Stone’s journey from a young dreamer to a renowned artist is an inspiration to many aspiring individuals.

    From a very young age, Sara Stone displayed an undeniable passion for performing arts. Her love for acting, singing, and dancing was evident, and she was determined to pursue her dreams. Growing up in a creative environment, she was exposed to various forms of art, which further fueled her desire to make a mark in the entertainment world.

    Sara Stone’s journey to success began when she secured her first acting role in a local theater production. Her outstanding talent caught the attention of industry insiders, and soon, she landed a guest role in a popular television series. With her infectious charm and versatile acting skills, she quickly garnered a growing fan base.

    However, it was her foray into the music industry that truly solidified her status as a rising star. Sara Stone’s soulful voice and poignant lyrics captivated audiences, and her debut album soared on the charts, earning her critical acclaim and numerous awards. From performing in sold-out concerts to collaborating with renowned artists, her career was on an upward trajectory.


    • Real Name: Teresa Wolfe
    • Profession: Actress
    • Date of Birth: 25 August 1983
    • Birthplace: Torrance, California, United States
    • Nationality: Pornographic
    • Zodiac Sign: Virgo

    Body Stats:

    • Height: 5 feet 4 inch (163 cm)
    • Weight: 57 kg (125.6 lbs)
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Brown


    • Father: Not Known
    • Mother: Not Known
    • Brother: Not Known
    • Sister: Not Known
    • Spouse: Not Known
    • Son: Not Known
    • Daughter: Not Known